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Posted by medconsumers on January 21, 1982

American Medical Students Association
AMSA grades medical schools on the presence or absence of a policy regulating the interactions between their students and faculty and the pharmaceutical and device industries. Working with The Prescription Project, the AMSA developed a rigorous and transparent methodology to assess the content of policies at medical schools throughout the country.
British Medical Journal Publishing Groupand United HealthCare Services provide help in understanding risks and benefits when deciding to take a drug.

Consumer Reports
Free in-depth reports about safety and effectiveness of 12 commonly prescribed drugs. Emphasis is on price.
Latest on drug recalls, FDA warnings, and drugs in litigation. Site is sponsored by trial lawyers.
Both Web sites provide free information about drugs, including indications, side effects, and warnings.

FDA Homepage
Find out about drug recalls, recent drug approvals, and other pharmaceutical information at the Food and Drug Administration’s Web site.

MedWatch, the FDA medical products reporting program, allows consumers to report and read about serious reactions and problems with drugs and medical devices.

National Institute for Health Care Management Research and Educational Foundation
Learn more about the relationship between higher drug costs and the federal laws which protect the pharmaceutical industry from competition in the making and marketing of drugs. See how much the Pharmaceutical industry spends advertising the most expensive prescription rugs directly to consumers.

No Free Lunch
Physicians, medical students and residents concerned about the influence of the pharmaceutical industry – especially freebies.

Number Needed to Treat
How many people have to be treated with a drug to save one life or prevent one serious occurrence (e.g.,stroke or heart attack)?

The People’s Pharmacy
Web site of pharmacist Joe Graedon and his wife Terry, who have long written a syndicated newspaper column. Mostly about drugs but home remedies are also discussed because visitors are encouraged to ask questions.

A blog that provides commentary on the pharmaceutical industry and related litigation.

Public Citizen Health Research Group
This Ralph Nader-affiliated consumer advocacy organization serves primarily as an FDA Watchdog, petitioning the agency to get dangerous drugs and devices off the market.  Free access to several sample issues of its Health Letter.

Therapeutics Initiative
Based at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Therapeutics Initiative publishes a free online newsletter about drugs that is aimed primarily at physicians. Check out the podcasts.
Dr. Jay S. Cohen provides articles about prescription drugs and how often people stop taking them because the dose is too high.

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