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Links: Consumer Guides & Rights

Posted by medconsumers on January 1, 2000

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Learn which everyday products, including those marked “natural” and “organic,” contain toxins.

Foundation for Health Coverage Education
Helps low-income people get to free or low-cost government-sponsored health insurance coverage. Answer the five-question quiz on the home page to see whether you qualify. Or call 24-hour hotline 1(800) 234-1317.

New York Issues Office-Based Surgery Guidelines
The New York State Department of Health(NYSDOH) has released guidelines for office-based surgery to improve patient safety and the quality of care. Consumers considering a surgical procedure in a doctor’s office may want to refer to the guidelines which can be accessed at the NYSDOH Web site. Consumers should use the guidelines to check whether a doctor’s office is doing everything possible to maximize patient safety.

Medical Records in New York State
If you’re a resident of New York State and want to access your medical records, this Web site will give you the information you need to know. (For residents of other States, please contact your Department of Health to find out what your State’s laws are regarding medical records).

Nursing Homes and Long-term Care in New York State
This Web site from the NYS Department of Health provides tips on finding a qualified nursing home facility and information on financing for long-term care in NYS.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Read about and report unsafe products at this site.

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