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Links: Women’s Health

Posted by medconsumers on January 1, 2000

Boston Women’s Health Collective
The organization that publishes the classic women’s health book called “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” Free information about women’s physical and sexual health.

Canadian Women’s Health Network
A range of advocacy issues explained and free information about women’s health.

Childbirth Connection
Everything you want to know about evidence-based pregnancy care and childbirth interventions.

National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
Extensive critiques of studies involving women’s health and of the FDA’s process for approving medical devices.

National Women’s Health Network
Free health information and position statements about the Network’s advocacy issues. Newsletter by subscription.


Aimed at physicians and the general public, this educational Web site is maintained by researcher Susan Ott, MD, Associate Professor Department of Medicine, University of Washington.

Planned Parenthood of New York CityThe New York City branch of the Planned Parenthood have set up a Web site offering information on different methods of birth control, insurance coverage for reproductive services, and much more.

Pre-Term Labor Drugs Web site
This Web site includes research about the various risks associated with pre-term labor drugs. The researcher, is a woman who had previously experienced serious side effects after using these drugs. Now she is using the Web to inform other woman of the risks associated with pre-term labor drugs, so that they may make an educated decision about their treatments.

Women and Health Protection
A coalition of community groups, researchers, journalists and activists concerned about the safety of pharmaceutical drugs. The group keeps a close watch over ongoing changes in Canadian federal health protection legislation and examines the impact of those changes on women’s health.

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