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Posted by medconsumers on August 23, 2009

Here are links to several advocacy letters, co-signed by Arthur A. Levin, MPH, on behalf of the Center for Medical Consumers

Physician Payment Sunshine Law
Urges the Senate to keep a provision in the health care reform bill that would require disclosure of all
payments to doctors and hospitals from companies that make drugs and medical devices.

Protection of Privacy of Computerized Medical Records
Protests the proposed federal goverment regulations that would weaken some protections afforded personal computerized medical information and would limit patient notification about a breach of their privacy.

Injuries Related to Medical Devices
In support of an FDA move to speed up reporting of medical device problems.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Proposed health care reform legislation appoints a number of advisory committees to help federal agencies, like U.S. Health & Human Services, oversee certain key aspects of implementing the suggested changes. The Center has joined other advocates in urging that members chosen for these committee’s be free from conflicts of interest and that all their deliberations be fully transparent.

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